Hussain Sajwani’s Incredible Journey to Success

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Hussain Sajwani is a successful entrepreneur, businessman and real estate mogul. He is the current Executive Chairman and CEO of DAMAC Group, a hospitality and real estate company he founded in 1982, that is dedicated to catering, hospitality and property development in the Middle East. Sajwani has extensive expertise in the property development industry, with impressive know-how in sales, marketing, administration and finance areas. These skills, coupled with his more than 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry have seen him lead DAMAC Group to be a global front runner in the provision of prestigious and luxurious properties in the major cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Beirut, Riyadh and London among others. Sajwani is also a shrewd investor, with an impressive record of successful ventures in equity and capital markets and a security investment portfolio of local and international securities.



Hussain Sajwani graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Washington. After graduation, he started working at GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, as a contracts manager. After working there for a short while, he left and kicked off his entrepreneurial journey by establishing DAMAC LLC, a catering venture in 1982, which eventually became DAMAC Group. Today, this catering division has grown tremendously and serves more than 150,000 meals daily in the Middle East, the CIS and Africa. In the mid 90’s, there was an influx in the number of people coming to do business in the emirate, and as a smart entrepreneur, Hussain put up several hotels to accommodate them. Sajwani established DAMAC Properties in 2002 and took advantage of Dubai government’s decree that allowed foreigners to own property in the Emirates to build and sell residential units to the non-natives. The company has its shares publicly listed and traded on the Dubai Financial Market and has employed more than 2000 employees. Since its inception, the property development division has delivered more than 16,800 elegant homes. In 2011, Hussain founded DAMAC Maison, a hospitality subsidiary of the real estate venture to provide personalized services to residents of serviced apartments.


Relationship with President Trump

Hussain is a close ally of President Trump, and Hussain Sajwani family and Trump family often visit each other and spend time together. In 2013, the two teamed up to launch and develop two Trump-branded golf courses. In 2017, the Trump International Golf Course Dubai was opened at Damac’s Akoya residential development and a second one dubbed Trump World Golf Course, which is designed by Tiger Woods is slated to be opened in at the end of 2018.These ventures have elevated Dubai’s image, making the country a splendid tourist and business destination.



Hussain Sajwani is a charitable individual, and he has made significant contributions to several philanthropic causes both individually and through DAMAC Group. He donated 2 million AED towards a campaign aimed at clothing deprived children worldwide. This generous donation will benefit more than 50,000 poor and destitute kids.


Hussain Sajwani is irrefutably a smart, hardworking, dedicated and highly-skilled business mogul. He has made an incredible impact in the society and on the UAE economy as a whole.


Michael Lacey: A True Story of Success


 An in-depth look at Michael Lacey & his accomplishments:

Biz Journals siad that Michael Lacey is a well known Mathematician. Lacey previously held a position at the Indiana University for seven years. During his seven year tenure at Indiana University Michael Lacey received a National Science Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Receiving this Fellowship was quite an accomplishment for Michael Lacey.

While at Indiana University Michael Studied the science behind “Bi-linear Transform”. For his studies involving the theory of “Bi-linear Transform” Lacey was awarded the Salem Prize Award.

For the past two decades, Michael Lacey has been a Professor of Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology. During his tenure at Georgia Institute of Technology Lacey has received various recognition awards as well as “Fellowship Recognition Status”.

In early 2012, Michael Lacey became a member of the American Mathematical Society. Michael Lacey is highly respected and considered a genius by some. Lacey seems to receive great recognition from students as well as staff members at Georgia Institute of Technology. Read more: Mike Lacey | Crunchbase

In his earlier years, Michael Lacey did hold a Post-Doctorate Position at Louisiana State University. The Post-Doctorate Position that Lacey held at Louisiana State helped him a great deal with subsequent research studies.

Education Credentials:

Michael Lacey currently holds a PHD Degree from the University of Illinois. Prior to graduation Michael Lacey wrote an important research thesis concerning “Probability within Banach Spaces”.

Michael Lacey has also authored several books. His book about “Transform on Vector Fields” was probably the most informative and detailed of all his books. Of course, to understand Lacey’s writings you most certainly must possess an understanding of mathematics as well as upper level science.

A great deal of Lacey’s work over the past decade have dealt with probability as well as harmonic analysis. Most people find Michael Lacey’s work quite interesting but very sophisticated. Michael Lacey may begin to devote more time to lecturing about his scientific theories and how they can be easily applied.

Michael gives very little information to what his plans may be for the future. One can only imagine how far Michael Lacey can go with an exceptional mathematical ability and a mind for intensive research studies.

The Stellar Career of Lori Senecal in the Digital Advertising World

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The digital craze has shifted the marketing field. Technology provides a greater audience, convenience, and greater elasticity of advertisement. However, to succeed in internet advertising, a company must not only be creative but also target customer specific needs, maximize on the available new technologies and avenues, and push boundaries. Social media sites host billions of people around the world; Facebook has over 1.28 billion active users per day. Businesses hope to leverage such sites to increase their market reach by making customized and efficient connections.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky help businesses optimize such sites through top notch campaigns that utilize their creatives, engineers, artists, and technologists. The company endeavors to reach the specific audience, craft the message to the audience’s understanding and inspire the audience to act on the message. CP+B has ten international offices that host diverse teams that have a track record of success.

At the helm of the team is Lori Senecal, the current Chief Executive Officer. Lori Senecal believes in the expert execution of great ideas as such emphasizes individualized, active, and interactive marketing solutions. Since joining CP+B in 2015, she has overseen growth in the company’s reach and talent pool and changes in the digital marketing strategies. Today, the company employees over 900 people globally, up from 250, reports The Drum. CP+B have also provided advertising solutions to global giants such as PayPal. The Agency also bagged the Titanium Grand Prix Award.

Lori Senecal is an excellent leader, game changer, and an innovator. Lori’s efforts have attracted recognition from Ad Age who listed her among the top Women to Watch, 2014 and Agency Executives to watch in 2016, the press and other stakeholders in the advertising industry. She is a recipient of a Quantum Leap Award. Lori developed a TAG ideation for advertising to the young population. Before CP+B, she worked at a global advertising agency where she rose to become CIO and later on President. According to Campaign Live, since 2015, Lori served as the Director of the Advertising Council.

As a beneficiary of mentorship, Lori Senecal participates actively in mentorship programs. She speaks at different conferences including the 3% conference. The conference’s objective is to increase female participation in the creative world through leadership and by enhancing female creativity.

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Patty Rocklage Gives Couples Another Chance at Love

Licensed Therapist

Patty Rocklage is a licensed therapist that is helping families build a better line of communication. What a therapist like Patty is able to do is help people manage their stress levels that come from disagreements and marital issues. She has a degree from USC, and she has decades of experience when it comes to family counseling and marriage thairapy.

The thing that ultimately makes Patty Rocklage good at her job is the vast amount of experience that she has. She has counseled many couples that may have been on the verge of divorce. She has been able to build a great repore with her clients by digging deep into their lives.

Patty has been able to help those people that may have assumed that they were helpless when it came to their marriages. Patty Rocklage has proven that counseling can be a great way to save a marriage. Read more: Twitter Rocklage | Twitter and Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase

Patty has put her time and effort into helping couples understand that one argument or one fight is not the end of the world. She is also putting in effort to show couples that 1000 fights does not necessarily mean that the marriage should be over. She is someone that is taking time to help people sort out their feelings and express themselves in a better way.

Patty Rocklage serves as the mediator when it comes to family issues. She does not put herself in a position where she has to take sides with one party over the other. She is a neutral party that is assessing the situation based on the information that she is receiving.

Patty Rocklage has been able to help people bridge the gap because there’s definitely a widening gap that comes with the initial marital bliss. In the early stages of marriage couples may seem like they are inseparable. As the marriage continues life issues will also come into play.

As these life issues come into play more people are going to find themselves in a place where they are looking for space from one another. What Patty does is help couples come back together.

Building Bigger and Better with the Roberto Santiago of Manaira Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

Innovation is never easy, especially in a part of the world that is still lagging behind development wise. However, out of the darkness, you discover that there is someone somewhere who has seen the light. Roberto Santiago is that individual who once saw a light in Brazil, a nation that got once dubbed ‘a third world country.’ Two decades ago, Mr. Santiago perceived a great future for the Brazilian population, investing heavily on one of the largest pieces of real estate the country has ever seen. Twenty years later, Manaira Shopping Mall is considered to be Brazil’s most major shopping complex, out sizing two football fields.



Although times have changed, Manaira Shopping Mall remains a darling to many. In its right, Manaira Shopping Mall has attracted visitors from above and beyond due to its state of the art facilities that remain unmatched across any geographical space. Located in Joao Pessoa, the facility is strategically placed along a major road corridor making it accessible to people from all walks of life. The complex hosts not only stalls but also many entertainment joints as well as a modernized college.



Manaira Shopping Mall is the only place in the whole of Brazil where you can get value for your money. Also, it is the only place in the country where you find an assortment of the latest trends in fashion and technology. For the 59 years that Roberto Santiago has been alive, he has caused the kind of impact rarely felt from in any other part of the world. The alumnus of the Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa has excelled in business making Roberto not only wealthy but also a respected entrepreneur in the region. As it turns out, it is Roberto Santiago’s unique way of thinking coupled by his qualification in Business Administration that has helped Mr. Santiago to excel in life.



Also, Mr. Santiago has diversified into real estate, creating yet another spectacular piece of development, the Mangeira Shopping Mall. Just like the Manaira Shopping Mall, the Mangeira Complex is also one of epic size and proportion. A synopsis of the above shows that when Roberto Santiago chooses to do something, he does it in a bigger and better way. If it were not for the futuristic thinking of Roberto Santiago, then Brazil would still be lagging behind development wise. Therefore, Mr. Roberto has helped shape the future of Brazil in more ways than one, providing a great recreational ground with affordable products and services for all those who would so wish to have a real time. Thanks to Roberto’s forward way of thinking, Brazil is home to the largest commercial complex in the region.




Wine Company

Wine is perhaps one of the most valued commodities that we can come across in this day and age; it is rich, classic, tasty and filled with good nutrients all around. That’s why you need to try UKV PLC, one of the best wine providers out there. Once you do business with UKV PLC, you will never again be quite the same – and that’s the company’s promise to you as a first-time consumer.

UKV PLC recommends holding wines for approximately five years; in other words, whatever brand you purchase from them, make sure that you keep in stock for no longer than five years as it could grow stale and lose its ripened flavors. Did you also know that this unique business offers wine consultants who are available anytime and can better guide you in any purchasing decision, especially if it’s your very first time? It’s no less true that these trained experts are very knowledgeable and well versed in all aspects of wine, especially in what they promote; every week, a different sale occurs, in which you have a unique chance to order certain wines at reduced prices and even sample a few selections of your own.

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Government-regulated bonded warehouses are where UKV PLC’s many selections of wine are stored every day, and that’s for a good reason. You would not want, after all, to have your new wines in any care or temperatures other than the most idea, now, would you? We also do not recommend that you store your wine yourself as this could raise many a red flag and cause several other problems in turn; instead, let the trained professionals take over this sort of thing and show you how it’s best done. Accoring to the only exception is if you plan to drink the stored wine relatively soon.

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Arthur Becker on the Real Deal

Arthur Becker, a tech, and real estate investor is the owner of three townhouses in Solo along Sullivan Street. His Tribeca real estate offices have a workshop with sculptures and paintings, as well as an art studio. The offices are just close to the site he plans to lay his first solo development; an eight-unit building with a projected sellout of 52.5 million dollars at 465 Washington Street. According to Becker, the unit will be an artisanal boutique building. The 66-year-old investor was formerly a homebuilder, operated a macadamia orchard, and later moved into tech and finance in New York and Florida.

Becker likes the Tribeca section because it is a size he can manage. He has in the past been known as a silent money partner and has especially backed major investors such as Kevin Maloney, Michael Stern, and Robert Gladstone. Upon the completion of the 465 Washington, there will be a penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments. These will range from 2,000 ft. to 4,000 per square feet. The prices are expected to fall between 2,200 dollars and 3,200 dollars for every square foot. He has always believed in the power of diversification. For that reason, he looked for different ways of getting profits.

According to Perez Hilton, for his love of art, he was involved in the investment of ancient currency especially from African countries such as Cameroon and Nigeria. To Becker, this mirrored his modern approach to the banking world. In his office is also a sculpture of crumpled cash, cookies, magic 8 ball, paperweights, a brick sample, NaviSite notepad, binoculars, and a photo of his two daughters.

Who is Arthur Becker?

Arthur Becker is a large investor specialized in finance, real estate, and tech. Before embracing real estate as his major venture, he was more concentrated in tech companies in the 2000s. He has in the past been the CEO of the largest digital magazine distributor in the world-Zinio. He has also been Navisite’s CEO, a company that majored in technology, with an active presence in the US, UK, and India. Later, he founded a technology company named Bronx, Inc. and is the face behind Advance Partner that offers financial consultancy services in the UK. Currently, he is a partner at Madison Partners LLC.

The Philanthropy Spirit of George Soros Has Risen, Again

Hidden in the overwhelming publicity and coverage of the 2016 presidential election in the United States was the return of a much missed and very generous liberal mega donor, George Soros.

It has been 12 years since Soros had been a major contributor in the world of politics when he poured out $27 million dollars in an effort to defeat George W Bush in the 2004 election year. Last year he returned as a feared opponent of the conservative party by committing over $25 million dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign and other well known liberal causes according to

Originally born in Hungary, the now famous New Yorker is 85 years old. He has built up a fortune estimated at more than $24 billion dollars through aggressive currency trading and many left wing organizations and causes are glad he did. Read more about George’s life story at

A very outspoken activist himself who has remained quiet the last decade is said to have been motivated to reenter the political scene due to his disdain and concern of Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination. A Trump presidency would reflect a clear threat to many causes close to Soros heart such as immigration, criminal justice and religious tolerance.

All though Soros was out of the mainstream political scene for a while, his philanthropy and generosity have been very active all along with donations of millions of dollars to causes that would receive deaf ears and a blind eye by other individuals with the same wealth as Soros. The generous mogul has been very active with civil rights organizations, with a big participation in fundraising for the Ferguson protest movement.

An article in the Washington Times revealed that the financial genius was responsible for launching and financing of the Ferguson foundations movement. He has returned to engineer a political movement machine similar to what he had done before with

Soros heads the nonprofit foundation Open Society and they have reported in recent tax filings, according to the Washington Times, donations of up to $33 million dollars in one year to help the Ferguson movement build grass-roots, on the ground activists. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Mr Soros believes having common citizens involved in government participation is the key to maintaining a just and inclusive democracy. Open Society does not direct groups, such as the one in Ferguson, to actually organize public protest but the foundation does believe the Ferguson protest and others like them across the country are a spontaneous result of people being sparked by a lack of accountability and a lack of public participation in our democracy. Both factors that Open Society believes we need more of.

All though he may have been quiet and in the background for most of the last decade, it appears as if the generosity and philanthropist’s spirit of George Soros has risen again.

Julia Jackson and the Future of Jackson Family Wines

Business Leaders

Jackson Family Wines remain a family-run winemaking business and the next generation is becoming more involved each day. The middle daughter of Barbara Banke and the late Jess Jackson, Julia is taking an active role with the company as a spokesperson. A graduate of Scripps College, Julia is also the head of the charity that she founded, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. Through all of this work, she keeps at the forefront of the business world. Julia has been involved with the winemaking industry since she was a young girl working alongside her father picking grapes. She continues to be passionate about the industry as a whole.

The Jackson Family Wines company is a leader in the sustainability culture that continues to grow in the world of winemaking. The company believes that by taking care of the earth will ensure that grapes can continue to be grown for many generations to come. In addition to their innovations in the area of sustainability, the company is also leading the way in introducing new varietals in the areas where they have producing vineyards. For example, Julia is a huge proponent of the Vérité La Joie that is a Cabernet blend that is produced in the Bourdeaux manner. The Cabernet is not typically grown in Sonoma Valley as the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are most popular in that area.

The Vérité brand has been a huge success for the Jackson Family Wines company and its growing popularity reflects its high quality at a reasonable price point. It will be interesting to watch as this next generation of the Jackson family begins to make an impact on the direction of this very successful company. Julia Jackson’s belief that Sonoma Valley is a good region in which to grow Cabernet grapes is proving to be correct.

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Making Use of Securus Technologies to Hunt Fugitives

Prison Communication

Hunting fugitives is a very stressful job because we never are off the clock, in fact, if we get a lead at dawn I have to be ready to be on the road in seconds. Leads come from all sorts of informants, and my team must follow through on all of them or we run the risk of losing the suspect for good. If the suspect is trying to escape the country, then we can not afford to sit back a second or it could be years before we see them again.


We were in search of a suspect who just escaped a maximum security prison by hiding in the dirty laundry, and before the prison officials realized he was gone, he was miles away. We were too late setting up a perimeter, and without any solid leads it was going to be one of those cases that went cold overnight if we didn’t act fast.


On my trip back to the jail to collect evidence, one of the corrections officers informed me that the new Securus Technologies inmate call system was in place, and me may be able to utilize it to collect evidence in our fugitive case. The LBS software is able to scan all the calls and pick out key chatter, especially if the suspect was mentioned by name. With nothing to lose, we did a search and an alert came back soon after concerning a family member here in jail that was instrumental in setting up a pickup for when the inmate got out.


We immediately put out the word to locate the family member and get a team to his residence. Due in part to the incredibly powerful Securus Technologies system, we caught the suspect in the shower before he was going to be picked up for his ride to the border.