Hussain Sajwani’s Incredible Journey to Success

Business Leaders

Hussain Sajwani is a successful entrepreneur, businessman and real estate mogul. He is the current Executive Chairman and CEO of DAMAC Group, a hospitality and real estate company he founded in 1982, that is dedicated to catering, hospitality and property development in the Middle East. Sajwani has extensive expertise in the property development industry, with impressive know-how in sales, marketing, administration and finance areas. These skills, coupled with his more than 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry have seen him lead DAMAC Group to be a global front runner in the provision of prestigious and luxurious properties in the major cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Beirut, Riyadh and London among others. Sajwani is also a shrewd investor, with an impressive record of successful ventures in equity and capital markets and a security investment portfolio of local and international securities.



Hussain Sajwani graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Washington. After graduation, he started working at GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, as a contracts manager. After working there for a short while, he left and kicked off his entrepreneurial journey by establishing DAMAC LLC, a catering venture in 1982, which eventually became DAMAC Group. Today, this catering division has grown tremendously and serves more than 150,000 meals daily in the Middle East, the CIS and Africa. In the mid 90’s, there was an influx in the number of people coming to do business in the emirate, and as a smart entrepreneur, Hussain put up several hotels to accommodate them. Sajwani established DAMAC Properties in 2002 and took advantage of Dubai government’s decree that allowed foreigners to own property in the Emirates to build and sell residential units to the non-natives. The company has its shares publicly listed and traded on the Dubai Financial Market and has employed more than 2000 employees. Since its inception, the property development division has delivered more than 16,800 elegant homes. In 2011, Hussain founded DAMAC Maison, a hospitality subsidiary of the real estate venture to provide personalized services to residents of serviced apartments.


Relationship with President Trump

Hussain is a close ally of President Trump, and Hussain Sajwani family and Trump family often visit each other and spend time together. In 2013, the two teamed up to launch and develop two Trump-branded golf courses. In 2017, the Trump International Golf Course Dubai was opened at Damac’s Akoya residential development and a second one dubbed Trump World Golf Course, which is designed by Tiger Woods is slated to be opened in at the end of 2018.These ventures have elevated Dubai’s image, making the country a splendid tourist and business destination.



Hussain Sajwani is a charitable individual, and he has made significant contributions to several philanthropic causes both individually and through DAMAC Group. He donated 2 million AED towards a campaign aimed at clothing deprived children worldwide. This generous donation will benefit more than 50,000 poor and destitute kids.


Hussain Sajwani is irrefutably a smart, hardworking, dedicated and highly-skilled business mogul. He has made an incredible impact in the society and on the UAE economy as a whole.